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Pauline follows Adele back through the store. With her eyes cast down, Theia stood as commanded. Guards fetched a pail of icy water, sluiced it over Esmerelda's body. We're at the vault and the device is in place. After half an hour watching Solana' suffer, Luisa finally stepped close, grasped the helpless woman's jaw in her fingers, angled Solana's wet face towards her own. Colonel Schmertz stepped forward. Perhaps I could turn you in for sedition.
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That was three years ago. The girl's gaze is fixed ahead as she concentrates on maintaining her balance above the pole. The northerner's garments display the magnificently toned musculature of her firm body. The dominatrix's plan is becoming clear to the twins and their excitement is obvious. Her eyes gleamed behind hornrimmed glasses.
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The girl reaches the bottom of the escalator and Pauline can see she rides a hover board. Worry now for Mother, Cyrill, and my baby sister. The girl inside is restrained, though not tightly, her hands in mittens to prevent any real use of her fingers are locked together in front of her by rings at the fingertips, a strap connects this lock to her ankle hobble; she is hooded and gagged with the large ring gag. Lying stretched as she was, Solana was helpless to the torments of strain and immobility. The back-board descended, ramming Solana down onto the spike, and her head bucked at once, sweat spraying into the air, a desperate scream of agony breaking her throat.
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If ever there was a girl meant for the Temple, it must be you. La Donna glares at Lash and Fetish. She is a gift to every man who has the chance to rub their cocks between them. Her breasts were spotted with her drool and still, Tychos kept hold of her hair, thrusting his length into her with unrelenting lust. Solana, pulled between the rings and roller, her shoulders and hips dislocated, muscles torn, could do nothing but scream in agony. The chained soaking women shivered, from fear as well as the icy water as Dashka began terrorizing them at her leisure, hosing them at close range, forcing them to their knees for lesbian foreplay, fondling their dripping cunts; the soaked women could not escape her torture. The sound and movement come again and, strangely, she starts to feel better.
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